Can Rabbits Eat Watermelon?


On a scorching summer day or any ordinary day, the allure of a juicy slice of watermelon is hard to resist. The sweetness, juiciness, and overall refreshing nature of this delightful fruit make it a favorite not only among humans but also among our cherished pets – rabbits. If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s safe … Read more

How Long Do Gerbils Live?


We’d love our pets to live forever if they could, but how long do gerbils live exactly? Gerbils have short lives and rarely make it to five years old. However, the conditions they live in can have a big effect on helping gerbils reach the upper end of the spectrum. Today’s article will discuss the … Read more

Can Rats Swim?


You may find it intriguing or maybe the stuff of nightmares, but can rats swim? In a word, yes. How fond of swimming they are depends on the species. Let’s start with discussing wild animals in general. There are a wide variety of species that are natural swimmers. By observing one another and avoiding predators, … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Cheese?


Yes, hamsters can eat cheese as part of their diet. But you may be wondering if the children’s movies and books about cheese mouse traps are fact or myth. Do hamsters and other rodents find cheese irresistible and is it safe for them to eat? In reality, wild rodents are omnivores, meaning they feed on … Read more

Can Rats Eat Grapes?


Can rats eat grapes? The answer is, absolutely! Rats love a juicy nibble! Have you heard of the famous movie, Ratatouille? It is about a talented rat with highly developed senses. A special rodent introduces his family to classy food and fruits instead of scavenging from the garbage. And one of those fruits is grapes! … Read more

Can Rabbits Eat Grapes?


Juicy and sweet on the inside, rabbits can eat grapes and usually love to do so. They’re a delicious treat for your bunny but must only be eaten on occasion. My rabbit Jingles will gobble up as many as she can but can rabbits eat grapes safely? Read on to learn all about feeding grapes … Read more