Can Rats Eat Grapes?

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Can rats eat grapes? The answer is, absolutely! Rats love a juicy nibble! Have you heard of the famous movie, Ratatouille? It is about a talented rat with highly developed senses. A special rodent introduces his family to classy food and fruits instead of scavenging from the garbage. And one of those fruits is grapes! Let’s begin by learning about rats and whether these rodents enjoy grapes as much as their Disney counterparts.

A Rat’s Diet
Grape’s Benefits and Concerns
The Bottom Line

Rats are highly intelligent animals found all over the world. They’re on streets, within the walls of houses, and on every corner of the earth. Many people keep them as home pets. Understanding rats’ natural diet is important before preparing their meals. I’ll guide you through a step-by-step breakdown of their diet and the benefits and concerns around feeding them grapes. 

A Rat’s Diet

Although omnivores, wild rats rely on themselves to search for fruits, plants and seeds, and consume a mostly vegetarian diet. Rats that live in cities and amongst humans have a different diet however.  A buffet of meat and scraps can be found due to the amount of food wasted getting thrown out of restaurants and homes. This invites these nocturnal animals for an evening feast.

Now that we’ve established what wild rats eat, let’s talk about your pet rat’s diet and how grapes can fit into the equation. A pet rat’s diet should include fresh fruits, vegetables and small amounts of good quality rodent blocks. These contain all the necessary ingredients for optimal nutrition.

With regards to fresh fruits, grapes are a wonderful pick for your rats. But that does not mean they will be taking it off your fingers and chomping it down instantly. Rats have preferences and they choose their favorites! Grapes come in many colors and they need to be fresh, juicy and sweet to really excite your pet. This activates their pointed snouts which are highly sensitive to smells. Grapes can be used to quicken the bond between human and animal, or used as a performance reward.


Try a variety of grapes and see what your pet rat prefers. Green, red, or purple; there’s plenty to choose from!

Grape’s Benefits and Concerns

There are concerns and benefits when it comes to feeding your rat grapes so moderation is important. To ensure a happy rat, don’t overdo the number of grapes as they’re watery and acidic. Too many grapes will lead to an upset rat and cause symptoms such as diarrhea, obesity, and low moods. This is the last thing we as owners want for our beloved pets.

However, feeding grapes to your rats occasionally has great benefits! Grapes contain natural antioxidants and are rich in Vitamins C, K, and B12. As a result, this helps to boost your rodent’s immune system, ward off potential illnesses and maintain healthy organ function. 

The Bottom Line

It’s time to buy a bunch of fresh grapes for your favorite pet rat. Be sure to be smarter than your rat and moderate their grape intake. I always say that owning a highly intelligent pet can lead to many problems as they tend to take advantage of the great-tasting human food laid out for them. This needs to be balanced with their main nutritious food that contains the important ingredients that they require on a day to day basis.

In extreme scenarios they may refuse to eat the regular food laid out in their cage, and instead prefer to wait until you give them tastier snacks. In that case, focus on giving them staple foods which are nutritious and cut back on the grapes. Love at first grape, make it happen!

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